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Tender beginnings – Midland 3F

This series of posts is intended to document the build of a Midland 3F loco and tender as supplied by JLTRT. It is another loco that was photographed around Tewkesbury so was is one to add my fleet of locos. The… Continue reading →

Siphon F – JLTRT bogies

As mentioned previously I wasn’t over happy with the white-metal cast bogies and then I saw a posting online about 9′ American bogies from JLTRT – so I had a look and decided to get a set. Basic Framework The kit… Continue reading →

St. Winefrides Well

St. Winefrides Well

Atlas Obscura : St. Winefrides Well

Next stop down the line from Holywell Town is St. Winefrides Halt. For a little flavour of the local area the following article has been published on Atlas Obscura about St. Winefrides Well.

Track building commences for Holywell Town.

The track plan for Holywell Town was developed using Templot, I’m still struggling with it as I don’t find it the most intuitive program to use but I sort of got there eventually. With the use of control templates, box files… Continue reading →

LNWR D33 van batch build

For the next selection from the LNWR wagons I decided to try batch building so from the stack of etches I selected the D33 van, this being the prototype Wagons of the LNWR – Diagram 33 Covered Goods Van. The design… Continue reading →

Siphon F – Metalmodels kit.

It seemed like a good idea at the time but the Siphon F doesn’t really fit into my region of modelling. However I’d just acquired a Resistance Soldering Unit (RSU) and decided that I’d need an etched brass kit to practice… Continue reading →

LNWR Special Cattle Wagon

Having just finished the turnouts for Holywell Town I decided to have a small change and go back to wagon building. In a recent 2mmFS Newsletter there was an offer for some new etches for a variety of LNWR wagons,… Continue reading →

Holywell Town – baseboard.

For Holywell Town I have got the main baseboard built, using 6mm ply. My first experiments with screws to build up the frame didn’t go so well as the screws ended up splitting the plywood. So this is built entirely with panel… Continue reading →

Holywell Town – the prototype

As if I didn’t have enough projects on the go I decided to start a new layout project – Holywell Town. Holywell Town was a small LNWR branch line in North Wales, I stumbled across it from an article in… Continue reading →

4MT – fitting the boiler and firebox

The detailing on the boiler required some some 1/16th copper wire, I added the regulator valve, clack valves and pipework, washout plugs etc. The supplied castings are superb and very clean with very little if any fettling required before fitting. This… Continue reading →

Paint Colour Codes

On the Western Thunder forum one member, Warren Haywood,  has been a strong advocate of using cellulose paints and though various postings has given several recommendations of colour codes to use for railway subjects. This has prompted other postings on… Continue reading →

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