Emma Hughes playing Bleed at Carfest North 2015.

We went to Carfest North and on the Friday I’d thought I’d duck in to see who was playing on the Wigwam stage. Well didn’t I strike lucky, this lady was playing and I enjoyed every piece, a few cover versions but her own compositions were the real gems.

I then dragged the family back on the Saturday to watch her but the times in the programme were wrong so we missed her, so dragged them back again on the Sunday when I managed to grab this video. My apologies for the audio and video quality, it’s not a video camera, I was just sat on the grass in front of the stage hand holding my compact camera for this. Also I suspect Emma had spent the entire weekend singing and talking so maybe a little more husky than the Friday gig.

Anyway if you get chance to see her you won’t be disappointed. I don’t like comparing her to other singers as she had a style of her own, her Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse covers were good but it was her own material that were the best. Suffice to say if you like Adele you’ll like Emma.

Anyway I wanted to post this so that in a couple of years when she makes her stunning debut on Later – I can say I saw her at Carfest!

Emma Hughes playing at Carfest North 2015

Emma Hughes playing at Carfest North 2015