On the Western Thunder forum one member, Warren Haywood,  has been a strong advocate of using cellulose paints and though various postings has given several recommendations of colour codes to use for railway subjects. This has prompted other postings on colour codes. Rather than wading through the various posts every time I need to order I have collated a list of recommendations with the appropriate link to the posting.

Company Colour RAL/BS Code
BR Crimson undercoat for maroon 3009 RAL
BR Maroon 3005 RAL
BR Crimson 3003 or 3004 RAL
BR Cream 353 BS
BR Green 224 BS
BR Coach Roof Grey 638 BS
BR Steam loco Blue 1948 Bb. 5002 RAL
BR Steam loco Blue Standard 5010 RAL
BR Rail Blue 5001 RAL
BR Rail Blue 5020 RAL
BR Warning Panel Yellow 356 BS
BR Rail Grey 9002 RAL
CSX YN2 Blue factory fresh, faded to test later. 5000 RAL
CSX YN2 Grey 7004 RAL
CSX YN2 Yellow factory fresh 1003 RAL
CSX YN3 Blue factory fresh, faded to test later. 5000 RAL
CSX YN3 Yellow Factory fresh 1007 RAL
DB Coach Blue 5020 RAL
General Black 9005 RAL
General Smokebox black 9004 RAL
General Signal Red 3020 RAL
German chassis red,Karminrot (Carmine Red) 3002 RAL
German wide range website
GWR Chocolate 8016 RAL
GWR Cream 50% BS 353 + 50% white
GWR Loco green 224 BS
GWR Indian Red 50% Ral 3009 + 50% Ral 8016
LMS period 3 coach roof silver 9006 RAL
LNER Apple Green 225 BS
LNWR Coach Plum Bs541 + a little black
LNWR Coach White 1013 RAL
SECR Great Central green 227 BS
SR Maunsel olive green BS224 + a drop of Ral 8016
Union Pacific Yellow Factory fresh 1007 RAL


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