Hi, my name is Adrian Cherry and I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to making things and fixing things, at work I describe myself as an inquisitive idiot. I like to figure out how things work and I enjoy puzzling over a problem and working out a solution.

In addition to this I enjoy explaining these solutions, both at work and outside of work, which is why I started posting a few articles about my modelling efforts and a few other miscellaneous articles. If by sharing a little bit of knowledge it encourages others to have a go at making something then I feel it will have been worth it.

My daytime job involves fiddling about with digital Flight Control Systems, so I have been a long term user of Unix systems, FORTRAN and MATLAB.

Outside of work my modelling efforts started as a kid assembling Airfix kits with varying degrees of success. Then about 14/15 yrs old I took an interest in using my Dad’s workshop. At that time he was running his own model engineering business, I.A. Model Engineering later to become Cherry Scale Models. So Saturday was spent earning pocket money making rolling bars and rivet machines and the rest of the week I could do my own thing. As he was heavily involved in the Gauge O Guild my first effort was a scratch built Deans Goods in 7mm scale. Later on I went to University and paid my way by working in the holiday periods for my Dad, either canning paint, building 7mm locos or a 1/20th. scale model of the Sydney Opera House for a now defunct theme park!

Anyway life moved on, got a new job, settled down with a multi-talented and beautiful wife. We now have two young lads at high school and two daft dogs and I still have a bit of time for a bit of modelling, although this can be very sporadic as I seem to have got involved with a few other things at the same time.

So in addition to the day job and modelling I’m also involved the local Scout group, I’m currently the Beaver Scout Leader for the group, I also volunteered to be a pixie for MERG so if you have bought a MERG kit for CANACC4 or CANACC5 then it was probably packed by myself.

And finally I have become the custodian for the Western Thunder modelling forum. It was a deeply tragic event the loss of it’s founder, Cynric Williams, but he had built a very friendly community of active modellers and I felt it would have been a great loss to the modellers involved so I offered my help from a technical/computing side. I am forever grateful that my offer of help was accepted and we have managed to keep this wonderful resource available to modellers.