As if I didn't have enough to do I've foolishly put my name down for a 175 mile charity cycle ride from Warton to Coningsby. So I've launched this journal to keep a record of my efforts to meet this challenge.

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Cycling 175 miles Warton to Coningsby

Why do I do it?

Yes it's true during a momentary lapse of reason I've volunteered to take part in a 175 mile charity bike from Warton to Coningsby. Some times I wonder what I let myself in for but there's nearly always a good reason for it, well there was when I put my name down for it but I'm struggling at the moomnet to remember why! 

I suppose in many ways this was inspired by Gary Brennan, the 39stone cyclist, I was searching the internet for some cycling related information when I stumbled across his blog, and what an inspiration it was. His efforts at trying to cycle the Manchester to Blackpool ride in less than 3hrs was deeply impressive and made me determined to set myself more challenges. As fate would have it at work on the intranet there was a notice requesting keen cyclists for a charity bike ride from Warton to Coningsby. Although I commute to work on the bike two or three times a week that's only an 11 mile trip and it's been more than a few years since I cycled any distance. So I was a little appprehensive as 175 miles over two days is a long way, but I decided I'd regret it if I didn't do it so I put my name down for the event.

The significance of the bike ride is linking Warton where the Typhoon aircraft is built to Coningsby which is the main RAF base operating the aircraft, so it seemed particularly apposite to choose the RAFA Wings appeal to raise funds for. Hence the reason for this post is to launch my challenge and to advertise my just giving page for anyone who like to sponsor me in recognition of my insanity or effort, which ever you deem to be appropriate.