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A random selection of postings more often than not completely unrelated to a modelling theme.

Pathfinder Project

It’s not often that I post to the digressions area, mainly because I try to focus on the modelling but also there is personal aspect to the digressions and by its very definition it’s personal not public. So to get… Continue Reading →

Emma Hughes

Emma Hughes playing Bleed at Carfest North 2015. We went to Carfest North and on the Friday I'd thought I'd duck in to see who was playing on the Wigwam stage. Well didn't I strike lucky, this...

Website relaunch.

Sounds a bit grand doesn’t it calling it a relaunch? It’s more just about getting rid of the old rubbish and starting again. There’s lots of introspective stuff I wrote about the update but having read it back to myself… Continue Reading →

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