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Projects on the workbench

Paint Colour Codes

On the Western Thunder forum one member, Warren Haywood,  has been a strong advocate of using cellulose paints and though various postings has given several recommendations of colour codes to use for railway subjects. This has prompted other postings on… Continue Reading →

Midland 10T Brake van.

Having just started out having a go in 2mmFS I decided to start with a small wagon kit. So this a quick photo build of the MR 10T brake van available from the 2mm Scale Association. I had been given… Continue Reading →

Ivatt slide bars

In building the Ivatt Class 2 I came across the problem of attaching the slide bars to the motion bracket. I wanted some way for the slide bars to be easily separated from the motion bracket rather than soldering the… Continue Reading →

Self contained sprung buffers

Currently on my workbench I have a part finished scratch built model of an Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 locomotive. I chose this loco as I thought it would give me a few new challenges for scratch building and I happened… Continue Reading →

QCAD Part 8 : adding the framing.

Now that we have our item drawn out we then need to add the framing to hold everything together when it is etched.

QCAD Part 7a : half etched extras

After posting the QCAD tutorial on adding the half etched details I got a few questions via the Western Thunder forum so this extra tutorial should hopefully cover some of the items I missed.

QCAD Part 7 : half etch layer and fill options.

This tutorial shows how the half etch detail is added in QCAD and the areas are filled.

QCAD : importing an image.

This tutorial covers importing an image into QCAD. This could be used as a background image to help trace out complex shapes.

QCAD Part 6 : adding the details

Next we move onto adding the fine detail, using QCAD to tweak the outline shape to be more accurate.

QCAD Part 5 : drawing out the curves.

The next stage is to draw out the arched cutouts in the side of the frames, this may appear slightly daunting at first but with the right tool options in QCAD it can be broken down into a few simpl...

QCAD Part 4 : first outline of the tender frame.

Now we start drawing the outline for the tender frames in QCAD.

QCAD Part 3 : snap points.

When drawing out lines and shapes you can make the end point jump to the nearest reference point, commonly referred to as snap points. This video covers how to define these snap points and how this...

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