Building the MOK Standard 4 Tank to Scale 7 standards.

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Standard 4 Tank.

Details on building the MOK Standard 4 Tank kit

These pages detail the building the superb MOK Standard 4 tank kit, to Scale7 standards. It is a superb kit and extremely well designed, however in my usual initimable way I had to modify it slightly. As designed it uses beam compensation on the driving wheels, I prefer sprung suspension so the kit is modified slightly for continuous springy beam. This is no reflection on the kit which will build into an excellent model straight from the box, I just prefer to add a bit of individuality.

Kit and research

So lets get started, the first post are a few details about the research for selecting a specific loco to model. Followed by a tempting display of what exactly you get in the box.


The build instructions start with building the ashpan, which is a nice little introduction to the build methods in the kit. It then follows into building up the chassis , the pony truck and the rear bogie.


Cylinders and motion

Work has started on the cylinders.


After sorting out the motion the instructions turns to the bodywork, starting with the boiler and the front footplate.


This is then followed  by work on the rear bunker and the main tanks.


Published on Saturday 13 February, 2010